Health and Safety measures at Kick It Out!

Health and Safety measures at Kick It Out!

We have put together a comprehensive health and safety plan for our Dance Studio.  We are offering on-site classes and virtual classes. On-site classes will continue social distancing requirements and masks. We have based our protocols by the CDC guidelines. We have purchased a commercial disinfectant hospital fogger that will be used at the end of each night to eliminate all possible germs it kills 99.95% of any germs on common touch-points. 


As of 09/09/2020 per executive order we are allowed to have 25% capacity in our classes indoors. We are following mask requirements, and social distancing. We are also checking temps at the door and using health waivers.


Click here to see our Disinfectant fogger  


With the purchase, we completed a safety course that was specific for operating the fogger and disinfecting our space.


Click here to see our Industrial Fogging Training Completion Certificate.


We have procedures that our staff will follow to ensure the health of our customers by cleaning all common areas and touch points. We will work tirelessly to ensure everyone is safe in our facility!! This is something we will always focus on now!!


Click here for more information on our Studio Safety Protocols


Here is the additional information from the CDC that we have based our protocols