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Competitive Dance Information

2019-2020 Competitive Team Evaluation Schedule

Friday June 21st   4:30 PM  –  8:45 PM  AND  Saturday June 22nd   10:15 AM – 3:30 PM

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete registration forms.
  • All full team dancers must evaluate for Ballet Level I or II on Friday June 21st.
  • Please email kickitout@att.net  for a solo, duo or trio time slot evaluation.



  • Mini 5-7 ·Junior 8-11 ·Pre-Teen 12-14 ·Teen 15-17


  • Mini = 5 – 7 years old with 1-2 years experience
  • I = Junior, PT & Teen 1-3 years experience or by recommendation
  • II = Junior, PT & Teen 4+ years experience or by recommendation


Friday June 21st

Studio 1 – Full Team                                                                                         

5:30 PM  Ballet Evaluation  Level 1

6:30 PM  Jazz Level I                           

7:15 PM  Musical Theater Level I

8:00 PM  Hip Hop Level I


Studio 2 – Intro Team Ages 8+

6:30 PM  Jazz  

7:15 PM  Musical Theater

8:00 PM  Hip Hop   


Studio 3 – Full Team        

4:30 PM  Solo, duo & trio   – Please email for a time slot.

5:30 PM  Ballet Evaluation  Level II

6:30 PM  Jazz Level II

7:15 PM  Musical Theater Level II

8:00 PM  Hip Hop Level II                     


Saturday June 22nd

Studio 1  Full Team

10:15 AM – 12:15 PM Solo, duo & trio –  Please email for a time slot.


Studio 1  Full Team           

12:30 PM   Tap Level I                  

1:15 PM     Jazz Acro Level I                

2:00 PM     Contemporary  Level I 

2:45 PM     Lyrical  Level I


Studio 2 Full & Intro Team  Minis Ages 5-7

12:30 PM  Tap

1:15 PM    Jazz Acro

2:45 PM    Jazz & Hip Hop        


Studio 2  Intro Team Ages 8+   

12:30 PM  Tap

1:15 PM    Jazz Acro 

2:00 PM    Contemporary


Studio 3 – Full Team     
12:30 PM  Tap Level II

1:15 PM    Jazz Acro Level II

2:00 PM    Contemporary Level II

2:45 PM    Lyrical  Level II


Late Team Evaluation: 

    Saturday September 7, 2019 for dancers that are not able to evaluate in June and or wish to re-evaluate.


Our team focus at KIO!:

  1. Working with team mates is key for success.
  2. Performing in front of an audience can be fun and help with building confidence.
  3. Gracefully receiving feedback is necessary and using that feedback for improvement is important.
  4. Appreciation for dance as an art and understanding the competition experience is about growing as a dancer through skill and maturity.
  5. Displaying sportsmanlike conduct at all times is very important.
  6. The art of dance translates into valuable skills and friendships that will last a lifetime!

At KIO! dancers evaluate to be placed in the class level appropriate for them.  We have a full & intro team, all dancers are placed there are  no cuts. 

Competitive dance is for the dedicated dancer that is able and willing to put in their time & energy that is necessary for success.  Our team travels regionally and out of state once a year for a national event.

Competition Schedule 2020:  Coming Soon!



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