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Kick It Out Dance Boosters

Welcome to the KIO Dance Boosters

We do fundraising in order to help out our dance students cut costs of dance tuition and other costs. We also are involved in Dance events to help support Kick It Out. We help with the recital, holiday events, the competitive food table, and sometimes are able to provide a scholarship.

We are also able to do a large fundraiser that raises money for our Competitive dance teams to go to Regional competitions and a National Competition. We are able to have a lot of costs paid for, not many dance studios are able to do that for their students/parents.

We do have our 501(c)(3) Tax exempt Non-profit status.

This Year’s Booster Club Board:

  • Kristina Seymour – President
  • Naomi Riley – Vice President
  • Leigh Woodworth – Secretary
  • Sara Lemon – Treasurer
  • Abbie Broughman – Corporate sponsor/Fundraiser Coordinator
  • Bobby Lemon – Event Coordinator
  • Jody Krumm – Special Advisor

We meet the first Thursday of every other month.

Click here to see the archived Meeting minutes from the Monthly Booster meeting.

2016 Dance Season notes

Meeting notes: Booster Meeting – 09/21/16  (click to download)

Meeting notes:


2015 Dance Season notes

Meeting notes: Booster meeting – 09-02-15  (click to download)

Meeting notes: Booster meeting – 10/07/2015 (click to download)

Meeting notes: Booster Meeting – 11/04/2015 (click to download)

Meeting notes: Booster Meeting Minutes 01/06/2016  (click to download)

Meeting notes: Booster Meeting Minutes 02/03/2016 (click to download)

Meeting notes: Booster Meeting Minutes 03/02/2016 (click to download)

Meeting Notes: Booster Meeting minutes 04/13/2016 (click to download)

Meeting Notes: Booster Meeting Minutes 05/04/2016 (click to download)

Meeting Notes: Booster Meeting minutes 06/01/2016 (click to download)

Meeting Notes: Booster Meeting Minutes 07/07/2016 (click to download)

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KIO Customer testimonials

“I thought you would like to know that Mia was given permission to start an accelerated ballet program at the new dance school we have chosen here after we moved away. She went in yesterday to meet with the owner and dance for her. She remembered all the positions she learned last year and impressed the owner. I had not even planned on putting her in the accelerated program, but the owner thought she was more than ready.  🙂  She clearly learned a lot last year at Kick It Out!”
Season Dixon

Get In Touch with us at KIO

  Address: 1760 East Grand River Avenue

  Phone: 517-582-6784

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