The Mix Tape Fitness

A Variety of Light Resistance Training / Burlexercise & Zumba. Join Deb O’Connell and Christine Curtice from BeYou Fitness. 90 minutes of a variety of exercises and styles. Get a variety of dance and fun in one place! Join us on August 28th from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Contact us at Kick It Out, reach out to Deb at or Christine at for more information.

Try BurleXercise or Zumba with Deb

Resistance training with Christine

Meet the Team

Christine Curtice

Christine owns and operates BeYou Fitness and is a certified NASM – CPT , PN Level 1 Certified , ACE Certified Professional. With 9 years of doing personalized and group training classes. I received a certification from American Counsel Of Exercise

as a Certified trainer in 2018 to present. I received a certification through Precision Nutrition in 2020 and from National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2021, currently working on receiving a Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification.

Deb O’Connell

Deb teaches at several different facilities featuring high energy Fitness and is the creator of Burlexercise which is a unique mix of Zumba moves and Burlesque moves.

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