The Mix Tape Fitness

A Variety of Light Resistance Training / Burlexercise & Zumba. Join Deb O’Connell and Christine Curtice from BeYou Fitness. 90 minutes of a variety of exercises and styles. Get a variety of dance and fun in one place! Join us on August 28th from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Contact us at Kick It Out, reach out to Deb at [email protected] or Christine at [email protected] for more information.

Try BurleXercise or Zumba with Deb

Resistance training with Christine

Meet the Team

Christine Curtice

Christine owns and operates BeYou Fitness and is a certified NASM – CPT , PN Level 1 Certified , ACE Certified Professional. With 9 years of doing personalized and group training classes. I received a certification from American Counsel Of Exercise

as a Certified trainer in 2018 to present. I received a certification through Precision Nutrition in 2020 and from National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2021, currently working on receiving a Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification.

Deb O’Connell

Deb teaches at several different facilities featuring high energy Fitness and is the creator of Burlexercise which is a unique mix of Zumba moves and Burlesque moves.

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