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We are happy to offer private and group lessons for Piano, Saxophone, Beginning Flute, Beginning Clarinet, Trombone, Violin, Cello, Vocals, Beginning Ukulele, Guitar, Drums, and Bass Guitar. We offer lessons for ages 6 thru Adult.

Develops Creativity & Imagination Power

Every art form compels you to create with your imagination. The same is the case with music. You develop your ability to think beyond the realities in front of you. Your problem-solving techniques become more innovative and experimental.

Improves Intellect & Memory Power

You need to recognize different lyrics, tones, and sounds. Thus, in the process of learning music, you enhance your reasoning skills, phonetics, and knowledge of the language. Learning all this new information and remembering them naturally sharpens your memory and intellect.

Teaches the Value of Discipline

Increased discipline & persistence is one of the major benefits of music learning, especially for kids. They become more aware of the importance of attending lessons and practicing. It takes time to master the art of music. When you patiently wait to grasp the correct note and tune, it leads to increase in your persistence.

About Chris Muethel

Chris Muethel is a 1991 graduate of Michigan State University

with a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education.

During his time at MSU he played saxophone in the marching

band, jazz band, concert band, and a saxophone quartet.

Chris started the first five years of his teaching career as a band

director for Lansing Parochial Schools and Fowler Public Schools.

Chris spent the next 15 years as an elementary music teacher for

the Lansing School District. He has worked the past three years

with the Hope Central Urban Arts Program at Lewton Elementary.

Chris also accompanies local middle and high school students for

Solo and Ensemble Festival. He also has a level one certification

in the Orff-Schulwerk Music Teaching Method.

25+ years experience playing in local bands and various

charity events. Chris plays saxophone and keyboards in the Trinity

Church Worship band in Lansing and arranges music for the horn

section. Chris is also employed by Michigan State University in

Culinary Services at Holden Hall.

He enjoys spending time with family and working on his family


We are happy to have Chris lead our music program.

About Jody Krumm

Jody has played musical instruments since he was 8 years old. He plays 5 different instruments as well as sings. He played through all of his years of schooling and into college. He comes from a very musical family who all play instruments.

He has been a part of several local bands. As well as played a few years with the Lansing Concert Band. Jody attended several music camps at Blue Lake and Interlochen. Has knowledge and experience in jazz as well.

Jody is always learning new instruments for example Ukulele, which is his newest and currently favorite instrument to practice.


Music Lessons

Piano Lessons

With Mr. Chris

Flute Lessons

With Mr. Chris

Saxophone Lessons

With Mr. Chris

Guitar Lessons

Looking for a Guitar instructor at this time.

Drum Lessons

With Mr. Derek – needs to be pre-arranged time on the weekend.

Clarinet Lessons

With Mr. Chris

Vocal Lessons

With Mr. Jody

Bass Guitar Lessons

With Mr. Jody

Trombone Lessons

With Mr. Jody

Music can change the world, because it can change people.”

Bono (U2)

Intro Classes 


Reach out to Ms. Sara or Miss Katie at the front desk and lessons can be arranged for any of our instructors. 

4 Week Courses


Only drum instruction has special arrangements, we have a separate room for music lessons. We also have a separate music recital at the end of the year, or you can opt out.

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